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‍‍‍‍‍‍It’s reality Jim but not as we ‍‍‍k‍‍‍now it!

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Augmented Reality (AR)
Allows the user to interact with virtual 3D content in a real world environment. Typically works with applications (apps) on m‍‍‍obile devices such as phones and tablets. The device tracks the trigger image or object and overlays
tracked 3D virtual content onto the device screen which can be interacted with using the device's touchscreen.

360 Fly 4K
Fiel‍‍‍d of View 240°

Insta‍‍‍ 360 Pro  
Field of view 360°

6 x F2.4 fisheye lenses

Stereoscopic 3D 6K res



360 Cameras
360Fly Camera £450 (Per Day)

Insta360Pro Camera £950 (Per Day)

Please refer to examples and camera limits

VR Headsets
Occulus GO £12‍‍‍0 (Per Day)
Occulus £250 (Per Day)‍‍‍
Vive £250 (Per Day)
Vive Pro £350 (Per Day)

VR Support
Computer £250 (Per Day)
Operator £680 (Per Day)


Operators & Artists
Director of Photography / Director £800 (Per Day)
Producer £680 (Per Day)
Digital Artist £680 (Per Day)
Crew member / tech support (£680 (Per Day)
Sound man £550 (Per Day) *

* recommended for location shoots for best results

VO, Actors & Actresses Per Person
VO Artist £150 - £350 (Per Day)
Actor / Actress £150 - £450 (Per Day)
Wardrobe TBC depending on shoot‍‍‍


Project Management          
Usually priced at 10% of the total project value.

Taking the ideas and key messages we then turn these into a script that will accurately and concisely deliver these to your audience in a fun and engaging way.

If you already have a script, we usually need to go through it and give it some RJDM magic to make sure that it not only delivers the right message, but it delivers it in a way that your audience will remember and is pitched at the right level.

Storyboards & Planning
Once the script and the style have been agreed we then start getting visual!  We take the script and put this against a still of what we see happening on screen during that dialogue.

We also add some information about the type of action that will be happening so you can see this coming to life.

Post Production
Post Development (40-60secs)
Post-production, image processing, edit and assembly
Title animation, graphics, grade and subtitling
Mastering, compression and encode

Virtual Reality (VR)
‍‍‍Requires a VR headset which allows the user to be completely immersed in a virtual 3D environment. There are various systems, some allow the user freedom of movement ‍‍‍within a defined area whereas others restrict the user to a stationary position. Some systems sup‍‍‍port hand held motion controllers to allow the user realtime interaction with the Virtual 3D elements. High end VR systems require a powerful computer to run them.

Mixed Reality (VR)
MR is effectively a mixture of VR and AR which uses a VR headset to allow the user to view and interact with 3D virtual content within a “pass through” video stream of a real world environment provided by the headset's built in came‍‍‍ras. Some MR camera systems can create depth maps of environments in real time (using stereo cameras) which allows virtual objects to be placed within the viewer's real world environment. Using realtime depth mapping allows effects such as objects casting lighting and shadows and virtual objects being hidden behind “real world” objects are possible without the need for conventional 3D modelling of the environment.


Field of View 240°

Immersiv‍‍‍‍‍‍e experience
40  - 60 second film

£850 to £‍‍‍3k
Excludes headset equipment rental

Field of View 360°

‍‍‍Immersive e‍‍‍xperience
40  - 60 second film

£1500 to £6‍‍‍k +
Excludes headset equipment rental

Field of View 360°

Immersive e‍‍‍xperience
40  - 60 second fi‍‍‍lm

£3k to £‍‍‍10k +
Excludes headset equipment rental

Field of View 360°

Immersive experience
40  - 60 s‍‍‍econd film

Interactive MR / AR Solution

£6k to £25k +
Excludes headset equipment rental